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Helping YOU live a healthy, 
active, pain-free life
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Welcome!  Are You...

  • ​Longing for the days that a medical professional will give you the time of day to listen to your story, then work with you collaboratively to find lasting solutions?

  • Wishing you could find a provider that will work with you one-on-one instead of splitting their attention with 1, 2, 3, or more other patients? 

  • Looking for customized care and treatment, not the same old cookie-cutter handout of exercises and treatment given to everyone else with a similar pain or injury?

  • Sick and tired of these being your only options: Pills, shots, injections, rest, wait it out, or deal with it?

  • Not okay with hearing "Well, you're just old, what do you expect?," "You had a baby, that's the way it is," "Call us back when you're ready for surgery," etc., etc., etc.?

  • Knowing there is better care to be had out there somewhere, and won't settle until you find it?

Well then, Congratulations! 

The Green Room Physical Therapy is the right place for you!

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"This place is amazing! I broke my back in a motorcycle accident years ago. I've been to many different physical therapy places, pain management, acupuncture, etc. This is the first place that has really made me start to feel better. Dr. Ashley is so knowledgeable with helping people. I feel that she genuinely cares if I get better. Very glad that I found this place!"


"The Green Room has been a great experience. The staff is knowledgeable and caring and they always listen to your concerns. They have traditional techniques and modern cutting-edge techniques. I have been to lots of PT and wish I found them sooner!! They go above and behind to work with you to get you feeling your best. Thank you Green Room Physical Therapy❤❤"


"I just returned for PT following my second hip replacement surgery. I came for PT following my first hip replacement in February.

This is a model facility - the people, the space, the focused and personalized attention, the calm atmosphere, the knowledge, the experience, the professionalism.

I'll echo a comment someone else made - you know they're doing it well and right when you look forward to your therapy sessions.

Absolute, unconditional recommendation."


"The Green Room Physical Therapy is a truly a 'boutique' provider of physical therapy services. Their approach to an injury and wellness is based on 'you' and is never a cookie approach to healing. It is not a 'one size fits all approach' which I truly love after two debilitating injuries. Their careful and thorough analysis of 'me' including my body strengths and weakness allowed them to design a care plan that was based on 'my needs'.  As an active YMCA person, injuries are a part of life but choosing the right physical therapy is key! I never looked back!  The Green Room has changed my life and please let them change yours!! You will love their 'no fail we got this' approach as much as I do!"

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We accept many of the major insurance plans. 

We proudly accept Medicare, No Fault, Worker's Comp, and most major health insurance plans.  We also offer affordable cash-pay rates for the uninsured and under-insured.  It's never a bad idea to call your insurance to review your benefits and coverage ahead of calling and scheduling.

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