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super band II.jpg

Super Bands

Recommended for many of our shoulder exercises, core work, D1 and D2 flexion exercises, rotator cuff rehab, and more.  Make sure to order the resistance right for you and the exercises in your rehab program.

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portable massage table.jpg

Portable Massage Table

We get this question all the time: I can't get on and off the floor to do my exercises easily, and the bed doesn't work.  Can I get something for home?  The answer is yes!  At only 29 pounds, this easy-to set-up and stash-away table is the perfect solution!  Comfortably holds up to 300 pounds, 84" long.  Height adjustable.  This is your super affordable option!

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dilator set3.jpg

Dilator Set

These are commonly recommended by our Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists.  Intimate Rose is the most reputable brand out there.  These dilators are smooth silicone, easy to use, & include online videos & support.  Ask your PT which size set to order: Small, medium, or large.  Super helpful in many cases for dyspareunia, vaginismus, vaginal stenosis, post-vaginoplasty, and more!

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canva ball.jpg

Large Exercise Ball

Also known as a stability ball, yoga ball, or pregnancy ball, this versatile exercise ball can do it all!  Sit on it for posture, stretch out your hips, legs, knees, or back, use it for core exercises, improve your stability, and more!  Easy-to-clean and holds up to 2,000 pounds.  Free foot pump included.

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mcconnell taping set.jpg

McConnell Taping Set

The McConnell taping technique is used to help with knee pain including IT Band syndrome pain, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Chondromalacia patella, patellar subluxation or dislocation, and more!  Your PT can show you how to tape your knee, plus there are many helpful videos on YouTube.

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band with handles ii.jpg

Resistance Band with Handles

Recommended for neck and shoulder rehab, postural retraining, rotator cuff rehab, and more.  Comes with an easy to add and remove door anchor for easy setup!  Available here in a variety of resistance levels.

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slant board.jpg

Slant Board for Stretching

Rehabbing from tight hips, knees, ankles, or feet?  Then the slant board is a great tool for home rehab, maintenance, and cool-down stretching after workouts.  Improve your ankle mobility, reduce foot and calf pain and cramps, and stretch the backs of those tight knees.  Also great for those with plantar fasciitis.  This slant board is adjustable to 5 levels, and holds up to 450 pounds.

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pelvic wand 2.jpg

Pelvic Wand

Frequently recommended by Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists.  The pelvic wand allow easy treatment of deeper pelvic floor muscles for lasting pain relief and resolution of bladder, bowel, and pelvic symptoms.  Ask your Pelvic Floor PT about best uses, including muo!  Also available in heating/cooling or vibrating models for even better, faster results.

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band loop set.jpg

Band Loop Set

This band loop set includes 5 resistances from extra-light all the way up to extra-heavy.  These bands are great for all rehab programs, from knee and hip strengthening to core and back strengthening.  Improve your strength, stability, and fitness with little to no impact on your joints.  We use these frequently in our HEPs.


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kinesiology tape.jpg

Kinesiology Tape

This is the Kinesiology Tape brand we purchase and use in the clinic.  Tape yourself to reduce joint and muscle pain, help reduce swelling, help improve your posture, and more!  Waterproof, hypoallergenic, and latex-free, we often have patients able to wear this tape for 3-5 days at a time without having to change it. 

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stretch strap.png

Stretch Out Strap

Stretch out your hamstrings, hips, quads, and more with this awesome stretch strap!

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Work out those stubborn muscle knots  and trigger points in your upper back, shoulders, and more.

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cervical traction support.png

Cervical Traction Device

Reduce your neck pain, TMJ pain, headaches, cervical disc pain, and relax your joints and muscles.

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toe spacer.jpg

Toe Spacers: 4 Pack

Help with foot pain, toe and foot mobility, bunions, and arthritis with these comfy toe spacers.

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full foam roller.jpg

Full Foam Roller

Improve your mobility and flexibility, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, improve circulation

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massage gun.jpg

Percussion Massage Gun

Perfect for tight, sore muscles, and easy pain management at home.

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squatty potty.jpg

Squatty Potty

Human bodies perform more efficiently if we squat instead of sit when we poop. Squatty Potty toilet stools help you reduce strain and time spent on the toilet.

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pilates ball.png

Pilates ball

Perfect for a variety of hip, knee, core, pelvic, and back rehab exercises!

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A great tool for elbow, wrist, forearm, and hand rehab and strengthening.

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cupping set.jpg

Cupping Set

Reduce your neck and back pain, and reduce muscle tension.  Your therapist can help train you on this!

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shoulder pulley.jpg

Shoulder Pulley - Over the door set

Perfect for rotator cuff repair rehab, post shoulder replacement PT, frozen shoulder, and more. 

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half foam roller.jpg

Half Foam Roller

Stretch out your chest, shoulders, and thoracic spine, improve your posture, and work your core!

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c traction collar.jpg

Cervical Traction Collar

Helpful for pinched nerves, painful discs, or tight muscles and joints in the neck due to arthritis. 

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silicone sets.jpg

Silicone Cupping Set

Very helpful for self-massage, scar tissue mobilization, improving circulation, and more!

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