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Feeling Guilty about Considering PT? Don't Be!

We hear it all the time…”I wasn’t sure if I should even come in,” “I feel guilty being here when there are others in here with crutches and canes,” “I don’t even have a ‘real’ injury,” etc., etc., etc.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT feel guilty about going to Physical Therapy when you’re “only” having a minor ache or pain. It is true that we treat patients pre- and post-surgery and that we see people after major accidents and injuries. But just as often, and maybe arguably, more often, we treat patients who are having minor, annoying aches, pains, and complaints.

Ignoring a persistent minor ache or pain is like ignoring a minor toothache. Guess what happens most of the time when you ignore that minor toothache? It becomes a major toothache, then BAM, three months later you’re having a root canal. Well the same often goes for our physical bodies. And Physical Therapists are trained professionals who can assess whether or not your “minor” pain is a sign of a bigger issue brewing, ready to become a big problem. And BONUS- we can teach you how to fix it and prevent that looming big problem from happening in the first place.

Why wait until you’re on crutches or end up needing pills or surgery? Give that minor ache a week or two to go away on its own and if it doesn’t, do NOT hesitate or feel guilty about giving us a call!!

We won’t think you’re “weak” or “a wuss” (we hear that a lot too-those darn guilty consciences!), we’ll think you’re SMART and PROACTIVE!

Here are some other times we treat patients who benefit from PT, who aren't suffering from a major injury or surgery:

  • Pregnant people wishing to make their labor and delivery easier, and help prevent back pain

  • Runners and other athletes addressing tight muscles and joints to help prevent injury

  • Aging people hoping to improve their overall strength, balance, function, and independence

  • Aging people trying to avoid or prevent falls

  • People prone to back and neck pain, trying to prevent flare-ups through manual work and exercise

  • People dealing with annoying dizziness or vertigo

  • People with persistent headaches

  • People struggling to hold their bladder or running to the bathroom every 30 minutes

  • And more!

So again, don't feel guilty about giving us a call or shooting us an email to get the process started, we love helping patients throughout the continuum of care from prevention through rehab.

In good health,

Dr. Ashley Bertorelli, PT, DPT, Founder/Owner of The Green Room PT


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