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New Year Reflections

By: Dr. Ashley Bertorelli, PT, DPT

2023 had been a whirlwind year for The Green Room PT.  We’ve added some amazing team members, and have continued to grow and expand our Pelvic Floor PT program at both clinics.  Our Clifton Park clinic has continued to gain traction in the community, celebrated its 1-year Anniversary back in April, and is steadily getting noticed by more and more Orthopedic groups and Physicians as well as OB/gyn groups in Saratoga County. 

Each year, as our practice grows and evolves, so does the vision for the future.  What started as a 1-man show 6.5 years ago has evolved into 9 Therapists and a front and back-end Admin team across 2 clinics.  In 2017 when I first opened the doors to my tiny practice, I never imagined that the practice would grow into what it is today. 

But there have been a few key drivers that led me to evolve my vision, goals, and reach for GRPT:

  • Initial Vision and “Why” Lack of quality care options and fulfilling places to work. 

This is what got me into Private practice in the first place.  When people ask me why I started my own practice, I joke that I didn’t want to (that’s true) and if I had a staff PT position at a place like today’s Green Room, I would have never opened my own practice (also true).  After all, when I first opened our doors, I had a 1-year old and 2-year old, a house, endless chores and responsibilities, and this is the last thing I needed to sign myself up for.  But after trying out different PT positions in a variety of settings and locations, feeling kind of miserable and like I wasn’t really helping people the way I knew I was capable of, and finding true career happiness nowhere, this seemed like my only option.  So the initial drivers were frustration, burnout, unhappiness, disillusionment, and yes, under all that, a positive vision of being able to provide high quality care, treat patients as people and not numbers, and provide individualized care and home programs instead of “you’re here for your shoulder, so this is what we do for everyone with that, plus here’s the same handout of shoulder exercises I give to everyone with a shoulder problem.”  Don’t get me wrong- there are many great practices out there in the Capital region and I give props to those who do maintain high quality, one-on-one care in this challenging healthcare landscape - maybe they just weren’t hiring then??

  • Evolving Vision and “Why” As the practice grows, and now that we have a rockstar team of Therapists and Admin staff, the vision becomes less about me and what I want and more about what we can provide for our greater community, patients, staff, and Therapists, as we continue to grow our locations and services.  I would love in the next few years for GRPT to be the sought-after, go-to Practice for Orthopedic and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. 

How do we do that in 2024?

  • Continue our individualized and one-on-one care

  • Continue offering a variety of services to help those who need more than Physical Therapy for a holistic plan and other wellness options

  • Invest back into our Therapists and practice, grow and share our collective knowledge, technology, and skills

  • Lead and practice with love, high standards, empathy, and a growth mindset

  • Build relationships within our community, including with other Providers, holistic practitioners, small businesses, athletic groups, and more

Now, we’re all on this mission together.  To provide the best care, to see and treat people holistically and as individuals, and to have fun along the way. 

And finally, thank you.  Thank you to each and every one of you for playing an important role in our mission, in our vision, and in our growth.  For every friend and family referral.  For every shoutout and recommendation on Facebook or Instagram.  For every 5-star Google Review.  For every time you trust coming back to us once again for care.  I thank you <3

2024…. Let’s Gooooooo!


Dr. Ashley Bertorelli, PT, DPT, Founder/Owner of The Green Room PT

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