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The Many Benefits of Assisted Stretching

What is Assisted Stretching and What are the Benefits?

First off, you’re probably wondering: “What the heck is assisted stretching, anyway?” Well, it’s pretty simple! It’s having another person who is skilled and educated in kinesiology, anatomy, the human body, and mobility, helping to stretch you out. Assisted stretchers work on the various main muscles and joints of the body, plus can hone in on areas by request of the client that need extra attention. Sounds pretty great, huh? Well, it is!

Secondly, you’re probably wondering: “Is that even safe?” This answer is also pretty simple. Yes! But only if the person stretching you is highly trained and skilled, and has experience in this area of practice. An assisted stretcher needs to know “good pain” from “bad pain,” needs to know how to tailor a stretch session to a particular person based on age, physical condition, prior or current injury or surgery, and much more. Some clients tolerate only light stretching, whereas with others, we really have to “lean in.” That’s where we come in, with years of training and expertise, to ensure a safe and effective stretching session.

Thirdly, you’re probably wondering: “Why should I even bother to get stretched out?” This is where I come in! There are so many reasons that assisted stretch is beneficial:

  1. Improving range of motion and reducing feelings of stiffness, sluggishness, and joint discomfort

  2. Learning how your body measures up to “good” range-of-motion, and what areas are in need of improvement to prevent future injury or reinjury.

  3. Finding out how certain muscles and joints that are stiff may be contributing to current or past aches or pains you’re prone to. For example, for people prone to back pain and/or sciatica, maybe your hamstrings or hips are tight and in need of stretching?

  4. Assisted stretching is a great way to kick-start you into more self-care, and even a great workout routine. Getting stretched helps to put you in touch with your body, what it needs, and how it feels good to get moving again.

Several of our clients have used our GETstretched! service to start or continue the road to wellness, to fit in a little more self-care with minimal time and financial investment, or to learn more about their bodies.

If you would like to book a GETstretched! session with one of our highly skilled and trained therapists at either of our Clifton Park or Troy locations, just shoot us an email at, contact us through our website, or call us! 518-280-2185 for Clifton Park or 518-326-3771 for Troy.

In good health,

Dr. Ashley Bertorelli, PT, DPT, Founder/Owner of The Green Room Physical Therapy

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