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Tight Hips? Give These Stretches a Try!

By: Dr. Lisa Bodratti, PT, DPT

Do you often feel tight or stiff through your hips or lower back? Whether you sit for most of your work day, have some residual muscle soreness from your workout or are just feeling a little stiffer, these stretches should help to alleviate some of that nagging feeling.

Shoot to hold each position for 20-30 seconds and repeat 2-3 times each. Ease into each repetition slowly. You may utilize something stable next to you to give your body support and allow for a better, more controlled stretch. Consistency is KEY! Aim to try these stretches daily. As always, these stretches should NOT cause any pain.

For the front of your hip and thigh: Kneeling hip flexor stretch

  • In a half kneeling position with your chest up tall, tuck your pelvis under your torso to feel a stretch in the front of your thigh (of the knee that is down on the ground). You may reach the same-side arm into the air and bend toward your opposite side to feel some more stretch.

For your glutes and lower back: Pigeon OR Figure 4

  • Pigeon: While on the floor, bring one foot in front of your body with your knee bent and lower leg touching the floor while your opposite leg is extended behind you. You may lean forward to intensify the stretch if needed.

  • Figure 4: If pigeon is too much of a stretch or if it is bothersome for your knees, try this variation. Laying on your back with both knees bent, cross one foot to the opposite knee. If more stretch is needed, you can hold the back of the thigh of the leg that is not crossed, bringing your legs closer to your body.

For your hips: 90/90 with a blanket or block

  • While sitting on the ground on your bottom, try to bring your legs into a “90-90” position, meaning your hips and knees are making 90 degree angles. One foot will be behind you and one will be in front of you. If the stretch is too intense, bring your hips higher by sitting on a blanket or yoga block.

For the back of your thigh: Kneeling hamstring stretch

  • In a half kneeling position, bring one leg out in front of your body as you actively reach your hips backwards to feel a stretch through your hamstring of the leg out in front of you.

For your inner thigh: Kneeling adductor stretch

  • In a half kneeling position, bring one leg and foot out to the side as far as you can. Gently lean toward the far foot to feel a stretch through your adductors on both sides.

Still feeling tight or uncomfortable? Don’t hesitate to reach out to The Green Room for a thorough evaluation completed by one of our therapists in Troy or Clifton Park. Beyond stretching, we can help by teaching you the correct exercises for your specific issues, and when appropriate, by performing joint mobilizations, soft tissue work or class IV laser!

Email us!

Or call! Troy: 518-326-3771 or Clifton Park: 518-280-2185

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