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How to Manage Outer Hip Pain

Lateral hip pain (pain on the side of the hip) is common especially for women over 40. Lateral hip pain affects women about 3 times more than men. Activity modification could be the first step towards resolving the pain. Both the gluteal tendon and trochanteric bursa are located on the side of the hip and can be the painful tissue. Physicians often give patients the diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis and gluteal tendinopathy.

Both structures are compressed by the following positions: Standing with your weight shifted to one side, standing/sitting with legs crossed, stretching the side of the hip and sitting with knees together thighs rotated in. These would be positions to avoid.

Sleeping on your side is a high compression position. Avoid sleeping on the painful side or on your other side without pillows. Lying on your back with your legs slightly apart is better because there is no compression on the tendons. The recommended position is laying on your side with two pillows, so that the painful side is slightly elevated which reduces compression.

Modifying your activity to avoid the high compression positions can be the first step in resolving hip pain. The second step is a targeted strengthening program to address weaknesses. If you are suffering from lateral hip pain, we are here to help! You may request a free consultation or full evaluation here

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