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Lift Appointments: The Green Room's Newest Service!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Written by: Dr. Stephanie Soto, PT, DPT

Introducing The Green Room’s newest service, lift appointments! Are you an athlete, fitness athlete, avid gym-goer, novice or expert with lifting? Well this is for you! At the Clifton Park location, I am now accepting clients to improve their lifting mechanics to work towards optimal performance.

What lifts can I help with?

★ Deadlift

★ Back squat

★ Front squat

★ Overhead squat

★ Overhead press

★ Pull up

★ Clean

★ Snatch

What will the appointments look like?

Each appointment will be geared towards one or two lifts. I will screen for mobility limitations and strength deficits that may be impacting your performance, provide exercises for those limitations, take a video of your lift and break it down in slow motion. Together, we will go joint by joint to determine what needs to be changed to achieve optimal performance!

Other than being a Physical Therapist, what makes me qualified?

Earlier this year, I completed an extensive 8 week course that broke down all the lifts listed above. I was able to further develop my “coach/trainer’s eye” to pick up subtle differences within the lift and determine the best course of action. During the course, I had the opportunity to be the client each week and have my own lifts examined. This gave me first hand experience of what all of you will encounter during your appointments.

I know it can be intimidating to go to the gym and start lifting for the first time. I know what it feels like when your lifts don’t feel as smooth as they should be. Schedule an appointment with me so I can get you comfortable and confident when you step into the gym! Just click here to register!

Dr. Stephanie Soto, PT, DPT, of The Green Room Physical Therapy at Clifton Park

Clifton Park & Troy

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