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You don't get old and stiff, you get stiff...then old

Updated: May 10, 2022

Have you ever heard the old adage "old and stiff?" Well, have you ever thought that it's the stiffness that causes the old"ness" and not always the old that causes the stiffness? Well, of course with aging comes a certain amount of stiffening and tightening that you didn't have when you were 20. But this is all relative. Do you ever see those pictures or videos of people in their 70's running or lifting weights, or doing yoga? I bet they don't feel as old as those 50 year-olds sitting on their couch day after day. And I know so because I see people in both camps daily at the clinic.

When you think about your future and your golden years, do you picture yourself walking on the beach, hiking, swimming, or enjoying a full day out? Or do you picture yourself with a cane or walker? Maybe you're there already. The choices and lifestyle you choose today directly impacts the function and lifestyle choices you will have as you get older. Of course, there are certain diagnoses and medical conditions that can make this a choice out of your control, but for 90% of the population, this is a choice.

So, choose to move. Choose to stretch. Choose to workout. Choose to get more steps in every day. Start a new exercise class. Go out for a walk. Take up yoga. If you have no idea what you're doing, consult with a Personal trainer or fitness expert. If injury or pain are what's holding you back, consult with a Physical Therapist.

Choose to get old and mobile... not old and stiff!!

In good health,

Dr. Ashley Bertorelli, PT and Clinic Founder

Clifton Park & Troy

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